Merapi Mountain International Destination

Merapi Mountain International DestinationMerapi is the name of a volcano in Central Java and Yogyakarta, Indonesia which is still very active today. Since 1548, this mountain has erupted 68 times as much. It is located quite close to the city of Yogyakarta and there are still villages in the slope to a height of 1700 m. For people in these places, Merapi brings material blessing of sand, whereas for the local government, Mount Merapi becomes tourist attraction for tourists. Merapi is now included in the National Park area of Mount Merapi.

Geological history Merapi Mountain

Merapi before 2007 eruptionMount Merapi is the youngest volcano in the collection in the southern part of Java Island. This mountain is located in a subduction zone, where the Indo-Australian plate continues to move downward Eurasian Plate. Eruption in the area lasted from 400,000 years ago, and up to 10,000 years ago is letusannya of efusif. After that, letusannya become explosive, with a thick lava caused lava domes.

Small eruptions occur every 2-3 years, and the larger about 10-15 years. Merapi eruptions are among other big impact in the year 1006, 1786, 1822, 1872, and 1930. Major eruption in 1006 made the whole middle part of Java island shrouded in gray. Predictably, it caused the eruption of Old Mataram Kingdom should move to East Java. Letusannya in 1930 destroyed 13 villages and killed 1400 people.

November 1994 eruption caused the blast of heat clouds down to reach some villages and took dozens of victims of the human soul. July 19, 1998 eruption large enough, but pointing upward so as not to take casualties. Note the last eruption of this mountain is in the 2001-2003 year of high activity ongoing.

Climbing Routes

Mount Merapi is the object of a popular climb. The route and the most common is through the north side of Selo, a district in Boyolali district, Central Java, which lies between Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu. Climbing through Selo takes an average of 5 hours to the summit.

Another popular route is through the Kaliurang, Pakem district, Sleman regency, Yogyakarta on the southern side. This path is more steep and takes about 6-7 hours to the summit. Another alternative route is through the northwest side, starting from Sawangan, Magelang regency, Central Java, and through the southeast, from the direction Deles, Kemalang District, Klaten regency, Central Java.

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Elevation : 2,968 metres (9,738 ft)
Location : Border of Central Java / Yogyakarta (Indonesia)
Coordinates : 7°32′26.99″S 110°26′41.34″E
Type : Stratovolcano
Age of rock : 400,000 years
Last eruption : 2008
Listing : Ribu


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