Kaliurang Yogyakarta international tourism

Kaliurang Yogyakarta international tourismKaliurang who literally in the Indonesian language means "River Shrimp", is a resort located in the province of Yogyakarta, precisely in Sleman regency, on the border with Central Java province.

Access to the Kaliurang very easy. At least a foot or riding a bus transport, cabbage (Colt), taxi, motorcycle taxi or rickshaw (rarely willing), through the Road Ground. Distance Kaliurang to Yogyakarta less than 1 hour trip, and to Surakarta less than 3 hours away.

Kaliurang is a resort or a resort because of the cool air. So here there are many villas, lodging, most people around to call the homestead. Place most often visited by tourists both domestic and abroad are Tlaga Princess.

In Kaliurang is a historic building that is Wisma Ground. There never happened Special Negotiations between the Republic of Indonesia with Three-State Commission on January 13, 1948. This gave rise to negotiations Minutes Kaliurang Ground.

Republic of Indonesia was represented by President Soekarno, Vice President Moh Hatta, AM Syahrir and General Soedirman. Meanwhile, the Dutch delegation was represented by Paul Van Zeelan (Belgium), Richard Kirby (Australia), and Dr. Frank Graham (USA). In the negotiations, Frank Graham said the popular phrase, ie "You are what you are from bullets to the ballots."

Indonesia java international destination one we visited was the Kaliurang because this location has a sufficient area ideal for meetings, conference and recreation.

(source: wikipedia Indonesia)

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