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Indonesia Java International DestinationIndonesia Java International Destination not complete if not visit the kingdom medang. Medang Kingdom is the name of a kingdom that stands in Central Java in the 8th century, then moved to East Java in the 10th century, and finally collapsed in the early 11th century.

In general, the term commonly Kingdom Medang only used to refer to the period in East Java alone, but based on the inscriptions have been found, Medang name has been known since the previous period, namely Central Java period.

Meanwhile, the name commonly used to refer to the period of the Kingdom Medang Central Java is the kingdom of Mataram, which refers to any area of this royal capital. Sometimes to distinguish it from the Islamic Mataram Kingdom which was founded in the 16th century, the Kingdom of Central Java Medang usual period is also called by the name of Old Mataram Kingdom or the Hindu Mataram Kingdom.

Indonesia Java International Destination
Mataram Bhumi is the old name for Yogyakarta and surrounding areas. In this area for the first time the court Kingdom Medang estimated standing (Rajya Medang i Bhumi Mataram). This name is found in some inscriptions, such as inscriptions Minto and inscriptions Anjukladang. Mataram then common term used to refer to the kingdom's name as a whole, although not always the kingdom centered there.

Indeed, the center of the Kingdom of Medang have experienced several times displacement, even to the regions of East Java today. Some areas that had been based on the location of Medang palace inscriptions that have been found among other things,

* Medang i Bhumi Mataram (age Sanjaya)
* Medang i Mamrati (age Rakai Pikatan)
* Medang i Poh Pitu (Balitung age)
* Medang i Bhumi Mataram (age Dyah Wawa)
* Medang i Tamwlang (age Mpu Sindok)
* Medang i Watugaluh (age Mpu Sindok)
* Medang i Wwatan (age Dharmawangsa)

According to estimates, Mataram Yogyakarta is located in the area now. Pitu Poh Mamrati and located in the region is estimated Kedu. Meanwhile, Tamwlang now called Tembelang, while Watugaluh now called Megaluh. Both are located in Jombang area. Palace last, namely Wwatan, now known by the name of Wotan, which is located in Madiun. Indonesia Java International Destination

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