Nodofollow addons to find backlinks from dofollow blogs

In building our blog usually requires backlink for free and easy, this can we seek to optimize blogs dofollow status. But how can we know blogs dofollow status so that we can easily get a free backlink without difficulty and it just leave a comment.

The way to get a dofollow blog we usually find the list of blogs dofollow or image dofollow

Dofollow blog list and pictures u comment I follow not the absolute value in determining whether the dofollow blogs that will give you a free backlink. To anticipate this much good as you have a tool to show more accuracy in dofollow blogs on a blog.

One way to show blog dofollow it using one of the firefox addons search. These addons provide information on a link anchor text on a blog with color indicator. This addons tool is very easy to run, simply by installing addons nodofollow 1.1.

After you finish installing the addons will be active and ready to run, how to enable these addons is very easy you just press the tool icon on your firefox menu or right click on your mosue, and select nodofollow.

Once you activate it will show the color on each link to your blog or website will be colored red or blue, red if the text is not dofollow link, otherwise if the color of the blue text link then the link is dofollow or blog dofollow.Can we conclude if the blue color appeared on each comment to the blog so sure if we comment on this blog we comment on dofollow blogs and hope these blogs give backlink for you.

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mybisnis said...

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mybisnis said...

link sdh terpasang teman ...di cek di Link Teman

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